Our Family Photos using a Tripod | Anna Christine Photo | Alta, WY Teton Mountains

This location has my heart. I loved bringing my family to Driggs, ID last Sunday and getting the Tetons in the background. The very end of July is when the snow melts and it’s just the purple mountain majesties. It’s my favorite time to be here.

We actually had fun during this session and it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. The pictures turned out better than I had hoped! Using a tripod with kids isn’t the easiest but as long as you have a remote it can go pretty smooth. To get the boys to look in the direction of the camera, half the time we were saying, “Do you see a T-rex?” We told them it was pretend but Oliver probably thinks they are out there somewhere. haha

I love my little family and thank you for supporting us through my business! We are grateful for all of you.