I had a baby! | Personal

Hi Everyone! 

I'm back to work but I did want to show you the little guy I had on May 25, 2017. His name is Oliver Everett and he is a sweet little bug. I just love being his mom!

Now that I'm a mom of two, and my husband works most nights, I have limited spots open this summer. Contact me soon to get your spot so we can make pictures happen! I'm excited to start shooting again!


Rexburg Idaho Family Photographer | Anna Christine Photography

This cute little family are some of my favorite people to shoot! I feel like it was their maternity shoot last year that helped me move forward in my shooting and editing style. 

When they contacted me for another shoot, I was so excited to get to take these! Eli's 1st birthday is today and we managed to get a few shots in before it started POURING RAIN!! In all my years of shooting that has NEVER happened to me! Crazy!

We plan to take a few more next week but here are some from tonight :)

Happy Birthday little Eli!

Rexburg Idaho Portrait Photographer | Tilly + Lexi | Dog Photography

I feel like Lexi and I officially became friends today. Today was also when we took these photos of her and her amazing dog, Tilly. She is a mutt, and to me, they are the best kind. I had a mutt (Kiva) growing up and she is still the best dog on the planet (sorry Chip -- my current dog who is a shih-poo). 

Anyway I loved seeing Tilly today, and when I saw that this bush was in bloom in Rexburg I asked Lexi right away if we could do a mini shoot of her and Tilly in front of it. We made it happen and here are the photos from it!

Lilac bushes are the best and I'm going to have 20 of my own when I grow up.

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