Hi! I'm anna.

I am a natural light photographer in the East Idaho area. I am a mama to Milo & Oliver and wife to Kent. My favorite job in the whole world is being a mother. The littles bring me so much joy.

I'm a type one diabetic who couldn't live without peanut butter, love to watch The Office with my husband, the KonMari method is my love language & I graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication. I also love Target and IKEA more than I probably should.

I call myself "creative" because of my constant need & desire to create (scrapbooks, videos, photographs, memories & relationships). I love to capture emotion. I started photographing people in 2009 & haven't stopped. I love it so much.

I'd love to meet you and take your photo! If you think we're a good fit, send me an e-mail & we'll be in touch.

Thanks for visiting!