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I honestly get to "work" with some of the best people on earth. I am so grateful for my little photography business and the relationships I have formed because of photos.

I loved getting to know Lindsay and Kevin a little better because of our mini photoshoot at Warm Slough near Rexburg, Idaho. Lindsay is a nurse and Kevin builds things out of wood! He built them a bookshelf and lots of other things! My sister and I recently tried to build a little box for a garden and I almost gave up 5 times before completing it. I'm impressed with people that actually know how to build things!

These two are celebrating their 1 year anniversary. I felt their connection and their love for each other, even when I asked them to pose. They are such a sweet couple!!

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Goodbyes are the worst. But what makes it better is having the opportunity to take photos of them in their adorable first apartment. Charity and Jordan are moving to California with their kitty, Elsa. Jordan just graduated and also scored a job in California. I'll miss them but I'm so happy for them!

Elsa is the softest cat I've ever pet. No joke. I took a picture of Elsa with her food because it's her favorite thing in the whole world ;)

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