St. Anthony Sand Dunes Styled Shoot | Rexburg Idaho Photographer | Anna Christine Photography

You are witnessing a dream of mine come true! 

I was blessed to take Alycia and Preston's Engagement & Wedding photos this year. They are seriously a joy to be around. When I asked them if they could help me with a shoot, they were 100% on board. 

We met at 5:30 a.m. at the Walmart Gas Station in Rexburg, Idaho to have enough time to drive out to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes and be there by 6 a.m. I heard from someone that "light is best 1 hour before sunrise". Read that previous sentence one more time. Yeah, so basically we were sitting in our cars, waiting an hour until the sun came up because you kind of need light to shoot photos (haha). My bad.

Good thing Alycia and Preston are seriously a dream to work with and they forgave me for making them get up extra early just to wait for the sun! We climbed mountains of freezing sand in our flip flops to get to the spot I wanted. While we were climbing I said to them, "I love it how only the three of us will know what kind of lengths went into getting these photos." We have created fun memories for sure!

This shoot was when there was a pink haze over the sky/sun because of all the fires across Idaho. That's why toward the end, the photos are still soft even though it's supposed to be the bright sun (around 8 a.m.). It added a unique feel to these and I loved it! But I don't love fires. I also try to keep my camera inside a bag while I shoot at the sand dunes incase of wind getting sand in the lens. On some of the shots, I put the bag over part of my lens (when I took the photo) to create a kind of lens flare.

I've known Jacelyn (the florist) for a while but never asked her to have florals done for a shoot until now (and luckily I did because she's moving soon) and she's AMAZING! Here is her website:

These were taken one of the busiest weeks of my life but I'm so grateful we did it! We literally had to stop taking photos and leave because I had an eye appointment at 8:40 a.m. in Rexburg. Two days after this I was leaving for a road trip to Kansas and the weekend before this I was in Utah.

I'll always look back on these and remember everything that had to happen to create these photos. They aren't perfect, but they remind me that it's important to continue to do personal projects so that you can grow and learn something for yourself, and that when you put your best effort in, it really pays off.