Rexburg Idaho Maternity Photographer | Personal

This pregnancy has been a wild one. 

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on July 18, 2016 (if you look closely you can see my CGM monitor on my left arm in some of the pictures). If figuring out your new life with an autoimmune disease isn't enough, why not add in a pregnancy?

This baby I'm having in May 2017 is our rainbow baby. I had a miscarriage in May 2016 (right before I was diagnosed) due to high blood sugars. My body was struggling to take care of myself let alone another tiny human. We said goodbye to that sweet baby and moved forward, eventually figured out why it had happened, received a diagnosis and I tried to get the hang of type 1 diabetes when all of the sudden we were surprised to become pregnant again!

To say I was joyous/nervous/scared/anxious/all the feels isn't enough. I was basically TERRIFIED to be carrying this human due to the current state of my body. I was only taking long-acting insulin (tresiba) and still seeing numbers in the 300's (goal is between 65-140 mg/dL) and the most important time for baby's development is the VERY beginning of pregnancy. I finally got the courage to ask my doctor to put me on short-acting insulin (humalog) for meals. It's been pretty good ever since.

From all the ultrasounds we have seen, baby seems to be okay. He's measuring small, but he's growing and has a good heart rate each time we do a non-stress test and that's all we really know until I deliver!

Even though this pregnancy has not been sunshine and rainbows, I am so grateful for this miracle child. I can't believe we were blessed with him so soon after I had my miscarriage! I literally cannot wait to see what he looks like and how Milo will react to him. One month from today is his scheduled c-section -- aka bday party!! (Milo was a c-section and I'm 100% okay with this one being a c-section as well. It's actually comforting to know how it will work out, even if I go into labor).

Here are some of my favorite photos from our maternity shoot. 
I owe it all to my sister who took these! Thank you Claire!!