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I was able to experience an amazing birth that took place in a home. It was my first home birth and I was beyond excited. Brianna was almost two weeks overdue with her second baby, so I knew I'd have to get there fast when the call came. For weeks I had my phone glued to my hip and on February 22nd while I was shopping for food, the call came! 

I quickly paid for my bag of spinach, fruit and bread and rushed to their home (my sister was already watching my son for me). I was so happy to see that she was still pushing when I showed up.

This was so dumb of me, but, when I got to her house, I knocked (huge eye roll right now). Who knocks at a birth?? I have learned to just let myself in when someone's in labor and you are there to photograph the labor. The midwife was nice enough to open the door and change gloves so she could let me in. 

I have loved every birth I've been to. Each one is so different and so beautiful. I told my husband that night, "I think my dream is to take birth photos each week for the rest of my life." The journey a baby takes to get here puts me in awe each time I think about it. I really am amazed at how beautiful the human body is and what it is capable of.

I love capturing beauty, raw emotion and unconditional love and births are where it's at.

Brianna wrote her birth story and it can be found here.