Rexburg Idaho Birth Photographer | Anna Christine Photo | Baby Milo

I woke up to my 6:55 a.m. alarm and hurried to get ready. Ashley was just induced and I knew if I stayed home I would be so anxious to be there at the hospital with her and her husband, Donnie. It's a thirty minute drive from my house to the hospital and I didn't want to risk anything. I got there around 8 a.m.

We played the waiting game for a couple hours, I even went to TJ Maxx to pass some time, but as soon as she had her water broken, I stayed put in that hospital room! Ashley's other two babies came quickly after her water was broken with them. 

We sat around and started talking about our previous pregnancies, some singers (we were listening to pandora), and if Ashley and Donnie were able to get any sleep last night because of all the excitement. In the middle of our conversations, Ashley would have to stop and endure some pain (even with an epidural). She was going from a 6 to a 10 in about 20 minutes! 

The doctor came and she pushed only a couple of times. At 3:04 p.m., baby Milo was born!

It is such a blessing to witness these miracles. Every time I photograph a birth, I am reminded how beautiful life is and how much light these babies bring into our (sometimes dark) world. 

Thank you and Congratulations Ashley and Donnie! He is beautiful! Thank you for letting me capture these first moments with him.