Greenhouse Engagement Session | Mentor Session with Anna

I have been working with Anna for the past week: mentoring her, editing with her and "teaching" her all that I know about cameras, lenses, posing... the WORKS! She has been a little sponge just soaking it all in and also teaching me a whole lot about humility. I don't know everything. I try my very best to find good light, pose in a way that's flattering, make my client's happy, know my settings/camera and edit to produce high-quality, storytelling images. But I'm STILL learning.

Through teaching her this week I've come to realize that I needed every single mistake and success I've ever made to get me to where I am today. I want so bad to just give her all the information I know so that she can move in the direction she wants to go, but I can only do so much. She needs to work with light that she might not love at the time of day that worked best for the client. She needs to fail at putting her ISO at the correct number so that later on she can learn from the effect that makes on her editing. She needs to experience light in a home vs. light in the shade on a cloudy day. Every single event you have in your life is a learning experience. If you switch your perspective to that, you are going to learn SO MUCH. I'm grateful to be here, where I'm at as a person that documents LIFE. I'm grateful to experience the difficult shoots and the really good ones! They make me the photographer that I am today.

I'd personally like to thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today photo-wise. Whether it was 20 questions I asked you or just briefly about your lens.

Thank you.

Let's always lift each other.

And now for the blog post! This was the mentoring session I did with Anna to show her how I work & pose. We all had a LOT of fun. Keng and James were so happy to be there and understanding about the mentoring going on. I would pose them and then literally talk to Anna about why I posed them that way and the reaction I wanted from them. It was funny to say things out loud and have the "clients" hear what I was thinking. :)

Also a man brought us all cookies mid-way through the shoot & I included those! Haha.

Thank you, Anna! (So fun we have the same name).
I can't wait to see where this journey of photography takes you!