Gardner Family | Rexburg Idaho Family Photographer | Anna Christine Photo

You will never guess. 

After having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I had never met another one of "my kind" in person, until this photoshoot!

Andrew was diagnosed only 6 months ago! Our stories and situations of our initial diagnosis are very similar -- both of us had signs of type 1 but were diagnosed with type 2. We were both "older" (I was 24 he was 30). He suggested doctors to me while I explained what a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) is and how he needs one. This was the most exciting photoshoot to be on. I truly felt a connection to them!

Have you ever seen someone else driving the same color, make and model of the car that you drive and immediately feel like you know them or could be best friends? It's kind of like that. I just wanted to talk about everything but I didn't know really what to say to another diabetic. We just "get it" how life is a little trickier, carbs are carefully thought out in advance, candy sometimes saves your life, and wherever you go you need supplies. How pricking your finger sometimes stains your pants, or how medical supplies are so expensive. I just felt a strong connection with this family and I'm so grateful I was able to take their family photos before they moved!

They have the cutest little boy and I love this location! Here are my favorites: