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I took these family photos near St. Anthony Idaho and Cherstan was actually the one to suggest this place! Cherstan and Josh got engaged here on the other side of Bubble Bridge in St. Anthony while Josh took her on a picnic! It was a neat place to shoot for them because it had deeper meaning.

I'm doing another shoot here this week and I just love this location! There is water and grass and trees and light - a perfect combination. 


Labor & Delivery at Madison Memorial Hospital feels like another home to me. It has a part of me. I've given birth to my two precious babies here and have photographed many others. Each time I come there is so much love, emotion and peace that I feel and feel blessed to capture it.

Jenell went from a 4 to a 10 in three hours. She texted me, my awesome neighbor came over (to watch my kids), I quickly drove to the hospital and ran SO FAST from my car to find Jenell and her husband just sitting there waiting for the doctor to come (I thought I had missed it - ha). I'm so glad I made it and I was able to be a part of these special moments. I was honestly only there for about an hour. Everything happened so fast -- two pushes and little Jane was here!

With permission from Jenell, here are her birth photos: